Working GIrl

The Inspiration

The Look

Not quite sure why but this look really reminds me of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. There is something sexy about a business woman all dressed up getting her lunch from a NYC food cart. Just please trade out the Reebok high tops and slouchy socks for your heels. Hmmm only thing missing is my Harrison Ford.

Leather Baseball Cap - J.CREW

Tank Top Dress - H&M 

Clutch back - Rochas

Nude BB Suede Pump - Manolo Blahnik 

Ruby Coat - Club Monaco 

Triangle Drop Necklace - Jennifer Miller 

Multibox Chain Bracelet - Jennifer Miller

Tribal Earrings - Jennifer Miller 

Triple Stone Gypsy Ring - Jennifer Miller

Diamond Pinky Ring - KCT for Jennifer Miller 

Wide Pave Band - Jennifer Miller 

Oval Link Bracelet - Jennifer Miller




Warm Scarf- Hot Look

Christiaan and I have been watching this blanket scarf look for sometime. I am big fan of a scarf.. I was interested in how this whole thing would work.. I have to say I put it on and loved it.. there is something tre chic. I felt very feminine and elegant.

Brixton Piper Felt Hat - Urban Outfitters

Oversized Striped Tape Edge Blanket Scarf - TOPSHOP

Belt - Orciani

Jeans - Citizens of Humanity

Two-Pocket Denim Shirt - J.CREW

Beige BB Suede Point-Toe Pumps  - Manola Blahnik

Chunky Link Bracelet - Jennifer Miller

 Diamond Pinky Ring - KCT for Jennifer Miller

Diamond & Tanzanite Ring - Jennifer Miller

Organic Adjustable Ring - Jennifer Miller 

Nail Polish- Patricia Yankee color CLAY





Mens Shirt

These boots are made for walking or perhaps laying down on a NYC rooftop on a warm November day. Its all about the boots. Stuart Weitzman has done it again and again. I refrained from buying these boots last season when it was a round toe and stacked heel. This season he brought it back and in a pointy - I am so happy that I didn't pass this one up. I really should have listened to Christiaan Choy and splurged on these last season. Now I want them in another color!!  They are chic, sassy and believe it or not comfy! Pair a thigh high boot with an oversized mens shirt and go!! 

Plaid Boyfriend Shirt - Band of Outsiders

The Highland Boot - Stuart Weitzman

Clutch Bag - Rochas 

Alina Round Sunglasses - Illesteva

Triple Strand Bracelet - KCT for Jennifer Miller

Triple Flex Bracelet - KCT for Jennifer Miller

Chunky Link Bracelet - Jennifer Miller

Diamond Pinky Ring - KCT for Jennifer Miller 

Diamond & Tanzanite Ring - Jennifer Miller

Organic Adjustable Ring - Jennifer Miller


Don't be afraid of a little shimmer.

3 quick tips and products for your pretty face from Jacquelyn Grubbs

1. My all time favorite is Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. It can be used on eyes, checks & even lips. Highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.


Drug store comp that works just as well, for half the price. Famous by Sue Moxley shimmer brick. If your worried about the packaging or brand name. Pop it out and put it in a palette. No one will know the difference.

2. Madina Milano Chic and Shine Stick

Simply swipe the pearly stick across the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, and under the brows for a perfectly radiant look.

3. Watt's Up! In golden champagne by benefit 
An amazing shade for the high points on your face. Gives your face an extra dimension that can easily be blended with your fingers.

Drugstore comp that works almost the same and half the price:
Sonia Kashuk in Summer Sands. Benefit's has a tiny hint of bronze to it, Sonia Kashuk's is pure champagne. Both creamy and easy to use. 


1. Skip Your Forehead- No matter how light handed you are, shimmer on your forehead appears greasy. 

2. Where It Goes- *Eyebrows *Inner Eyes * Cheekbone *Nose *Cupids's bow *Chin

3. Highlight One Thing- You want to focus on cheekbones or brow bones, not both. 


Street Style

The weather is beginning to cool and I would love nothing more than to wrap myself in a cozy oversized sweater, so lately I've been playing with the idea of making oversized styles chic and feminine. I'm loving this sheer t-length skirt - it transforms my cozy sweater into a sophisticated and sexy look and paired with this mod conductors hat and layers of accessories, it takes on that vintage feel I always love. 

Soto Ribbed Sweater - Club Monaco

Mesh Net Maxi Skirt - Forever21 

Corduray Driver Cap - Gucci

BB Suede Pump - Manolo Blahnik

Gold Tribal Earrings - Jennifer Miller

Oval Link Bracelet - Jennifer Miller

Matte Triple Strand Bracelet - KCT For Jennifer Miller

Triple Strand Bracelet - KCT For Jennifer Miller

Coil Snake Anklet Bracelet - Jennifer Miller



The Beauty of the Brow

The Inspiration

Ok ladies...we have been tending to our eyebrows for years. They have gone through many transformations. I was doing my own for years, cutting and trimming, then I moved to waxing until I met my eyebrow match in Robert Sweet William. He is the tweezing king of Manhattan!! One of the first times I went in to see him I said that I was so impressed by how perfect my brows could look from plucking - he quickly responded, "Plucking is for chickens darling, I tweeze!!" Ohh I certainly didn't want anything to do with a chicken when it came to my beauty routine so that was that. Robert tweezes and trims to perfection. I will no longer touch my own brows again. I go to Robert once a month and I have to say its worth the money! Visiting NYC? Treat yourself. You only live once.. :)

The Look

Let it go…. Let it go...


Frozen has taken over my home for about a year now. I know there are a lot of you that can relate. I have to say I have been equally as obsessed with this movie as my kids have been, with all of it - the songs, snowman, ice castle, beautiful gowns, the princesses (this is the first Disney movie with 2 princesses), the charming prince that ends up being evil and of course the man that comes to the rescue!!!  I grew up with Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and for my daughter it will always be Anna and Elsa. There was only one obvious choice for us this year for Halloween. I know what you are thinking...why didn't I make Josh dress up as Elvis right? Truth is I wanted a prince charming this year not a King. Also I think he would kill me if I made him dress up as Elvis again LOL!! I decided that being a princess this Halloween along with my Daughter was the perfect fit!  

Stop and Smell the Flowers


While stopping to smell the roses one should twist and spin and enjoy the aroma and beauty of your neighborhood flower kiosk. I always wish that I grew up in the 50's…hmmmm I wonder why…#ELVIS - so whenever I can get my hands on a modern twist of anything vintage or reminiscent of the 1950's, I am one happy housewife. Loving this fun emerald green taffeta A-line dress paired with a trench and bright Manolo Blahnik pump for a modern day twist on old school housewife style. 


Tulip Hem Trench - French Connection

Sonja Sleeveless Cocktail Dress - Kate Spade

BB Suede Cobalt Pump (Blue Suede Shoes) - Manolo Blahnik

Diamond & Pearl Earrings - Jennifer Miller