Stop and Smell the Flowers


While stopping to smell the roses one should twist and spin and enjoy the aroma and beauty of your neighborhood flower kiosk. I always wish that I grew up in the 50's…hmmmm I wonder why…#ELVIS - so whenever I can get my hands on a modern twist of anything vintage or reminiscent of the 1950's, I am one happy housewife. Loving this fun emerald green taffeta A-line dress paired with a trench and bright Manolo Blahnik pump for a modern day twist on old school housewife style. 


Tulip Hem Trench - French Connection

Sonja Sleeveless Cocktail Dress - Kate Spade

BB Suede Cobalt Pump (Blue Suede Shoes) - Manolo Blahnik

Diamond & Pearl Earrings - Jennifer Miller

Kids Halloween Treats


Healthy Halloween Snacks

My girl friend Paula Hankin is an amazing chef with a fun company called Clueless in the Kitchen  Not only is she a super cool BROOKLYN mommy to Max but she is an awesome friend to me :)  I love her because she accepts the fact that I don't/won't cook. Paula is always trying to get me to use some of her easy breezy recopies. I enjoy 2 things when it comes to "cooking"  I can bake till the cows come home.. and I love to do the DIY kids school snacks. I asked Paula to put together some super cute super fun, Halloween kids snacks for us! Happy Halloween :)

Chedder Pumpkins

You will need: pre made or store bought mini cheddar cheese balls (you can use round cookie cutter to form cheese balls from block of cheese), 1 raw string bean, pretzel sticks 

Directions: Slice string bean in small pieces so that it looks like a leaf, stick pretzel stick in the top of the cheese, then add the 'leaves'

Cheese Ghosts

You will need: sprinkles, cheddar string cheese, popsicle sticks (or straws or pretzel stick), 1/2 teaspoon of either black sesame seeds or black rice 

Directions: Cut string cheese in 2 inch pieces from each side, then fray the bottoms with scissors.  Stick popsicle stick in the top and add sesame seeds for eyes and mouth. 

Candy Apples

You will need: Melon baller, 2 green apples, soft room temperature cream cheese, sprinkles of any kind, short popsicle stick or straws cut in 3s 

Directions: Ball apples using mellon baller (you can also cut in squares if you don't have a melon baller).  Roll the apple balls in cream cheese  and then in sprinkles. Place stick in the top. 


Boo Pops

You will need: Plain yogurt, cookie sheet, banana, chocolate chips, 1 sheet of parchment paper, popsicle sticks  

Directions:  Cut 2-3  inch pieces from each side of the banana then roll in vanilla yogurt. Place the stick in bottom and then place chocolate chips on for eyes and mouth.  Add any other decorations you wish. Place banana on parchment paper-covered cookie sheet. Freeze for 4-5 hours. 

Egg and Spider Deviled Eggs

You will need: Deviled eggs, black and green olives

Directions:  Have deviled eggs prepared. Slice black olive in half use one half to serve as the body. Then slice thin pieces for legs  and place all of them on the eggs. Slice green olives and place on top of eggs. 

Monster Mouths

You will need: Red apples sliced in wedges, peanut butter, yogurt covered raisins or cranberries 

Directions: Spread peanut butter on the inside of both slices and then place raisins/berries in the middle 


Taxi Taxi


I must admit that the root of most of my inspiration with the help of my fashion #Gusband Mr. Christiaan Choy is in Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie was always hailing a taxi so fashionably, and she was the one who single handily made the "fanny pack" fashionable again! 

By now I am sure that you all know my undying love of a jean jacket.  Anything that can be paired with one of my jean jackets is a look that makes me happy. I grew up wearing a jean jacket with everything - casually of course. These days I enjoy taking something chic and pairing it with a jean jacket - it's Connecticut meets Manhattan. As for the "fanny pack"…it's BACK! What better way to walk the streets of Manhattan hands free to hail a cab, hold a child's hand, talk on the phone or put an arm around your sweetie :)


Vintage Denim Jacket In Recycled Indigo Wash - J.CREW

Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top - American Apparel 

Exclusive for Intermix Slit Pencil Skirt - Intermix

Evan Belt Bag - Erin Dana

Shoes - Michael Kors

Personalized earrings by Jennifer Miller



I'll be there for you

I'll Be There For You……What a great show - can you believe its been 20 years!?!? I am a fan. I mean who wasn't?? I wanted to be hanging out with my friends in a coffee shop in NYC living in a fab apartment like the girls and having a tight knit group of friends around me.  Hmmm.....some of my dreams just may have come true! 

To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Friends, a Central Perk Coffee Shop pop-up was set up in downtown NYC. Carole joined me and we got silly on the couch.... yes, "THE COUCH." We got to sit on the original Friends sofa. Kind of amazing!

Public School for J.crew Jeffries Tuxedo jacket

Shop 4 a Cure

Date night with my other husband of the same-sex loving variety. He hates the term "gusband" so this is the best I could come up with HA! 

I was invited to the QVC and FFaNY sponsored Shop 4 a Cure event held at the Waldorf Astoria New York - a shopping charity event where fabulous designers donate amazing shoes that are sold half price with all proceeds going toward breast cancer research. Needless to say, not only did I support by attending, but walked home with a few new pairs of fab shoes!


Bustier - H&M Collection (can only find on Ebay)

Slit Pencik Skirt - Exclusive for Intermix

Blue Suede BB Pump - Manolo Blahnik

Clutch - Judith Leiber

Gold Deep V Ring - Melanie Auld

Gold Pave Cage Ring - Melanie Auld

Viva Glam Rihanna 2 Tinted Lipgloss - MAC 

The Best Nudes

Jacquelyn Grubs my Make-up bestie shares her favorite NUDES Lipsticks with us.


Chanel Rouge Coco in Canotier  
Natural, smooth matte finish. Great to pair with a dramatic eye. 

Tom Ford Lip Color in Sable Smoke 
A perfect beige that won't wash you out. Not too heavy and easy to wear. 
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge  #233 in Nude Beige
A beautiful nude in the pink family. Amazing with someone with a fair complexion
NARS Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey. 
It's the perfect no color color. Just make sure you add a pop of color somewhere else.
Fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 
Technically, it's a balm. Smooth feeling with a hint of color. Deposits just enough tint. Plus SPF 15, my fave!!!  


Betsey Johnson Fashion Show

When I found out that I was walking in the Betsey Johnson show I was so excited! I actually walked in her show about 10 years ago, so this news was extra special for me. LOOK - all these years later I still got it! Believe it or not I was nervous, but I figured it's just like riding a bike or errrr walking…ha ha! 

The Fitting

When I arrived at my Betsey Johnson fitting, I knew I was in the right place when I saw her showroom door covered with fun art from her grandkids. I got to wear a wedding dress which of course was very fitting considering I am coming up on my 10 year wedding anniversary, and well…#RHONY. Nice to be in a wedding dress after all these years ;) Gotta love Betsey - the title of her show was Pre-Nup! She is just so so fun!  Diamonds and tiaras and tulle - OH MY! 

Back Stage

The hair and makeup was amazballs!!!  A double lash with feathers on the top corner. Red lips and acrylic nails with crystals. The hair - yes that's all my hair teased and curled. Cynthia Baily from RHOA was in the show too. Always fun to get to hang with one of the other ladies.


The Show

Turns out it is like riding a bike. I had a blast. Betsey likes all the girls to do something fun and sassy at the end of the runway. I was so enamored by the awesome nails that I thought it would be cool to scratch at the cameras sort of kitty cat-like. MEOW!  ... till next season ;)

5 Essential Make-up Rules

5 Make-up Rules for Every Girl

Jacquelyn Grubbs is my go-to makeup artist. She has been a great friend for many years and how lucky am I that I have a bestie that can also make me beautiful. Jacqueline is an amazing make up artist with real talent and she has an eye for trends and a talent for the traditions of makeup. Here she has given us 5 must know makeup tips for every girl! Stay tuned - more to come from Jacqueline this fall!


1. Invest in your favorite products. When you find a lipstick that you love❤️ buy 3. 1 for your bathroom , 1 for your purse , and 1 in your travel bag.  Mine is Faux by MAC Its amazing day and night..and sometimes I put Mac Instant Gold Gloss on top !

2. Give trends a chance. Go ahead and try a bold lip. If you don't like it, it's just makeup wash it off. 😉

3. Take care of your skin! Makeup looks best on a great canvas. Moisturize! 

4. Take inspiration from your favorite celebs. Just remember they have a team working on them for hours to make them look so amazing. Lol 

5. Focus on a feature. Choose either lips or eyes. Learn different ways to make them pop. Remember- There can only be 1 lead singer. Pick 1 and go for it.